You come from the USA, England, Thailand, India, Germany, Canada, or any of the other 190 countries on my guest list, including Cuba, and even the Cook and Faroe Islands.

A global outreach was never the plan. I started my blog as a notebook while studying psychology at Liverpool University. I didn’t even have an audience in mind. The basic motive was pride in any academic work that was judged to be very good by my professors. The psychology section is in fact the oldest part of my blog

After returning to Germany in 2017, I started the German section.

At the moment I develop new concepts with colleagues, which I would describe as ‘deep humanity in the social development of organizations‘: on the one hand as a concept for the future and on the other hand as a liberating self-commitment towards ourselves. Publications on this topic will follow in the coming months.

Today I feel very lucky to be connected with you as a global community of practice and I am looking forward to new acquaintances and cooperation partnerships, especially in the development of global education, coaching, and Learning & Development.

Thank you for all the years we have walked together and for your great contributions and support. Please feel free to contact me about exciting topics and new projects.

Yours Sincerely, always,

Joana Stella Kompa

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