My heart sank today. The naivety of German diplomacy and media over the past years has been frightening. Putin has always been a stone-cold (ex-KGB) sociopathic murderer, liar, and war criminal (see Syria) who was presented in Germany as a reliable business partner or a badly disappointed autocrat who traumatically suffered from NATOs expansion after 1991. Germany’s ‘special status’ in diplomacy has been proven to be nothing more than a self-serving illusion and has fallen for Russian propaganda. 
In his latest speech, Putin is even openly threatening the West, us, with violence if we would dare to interfere in ‘his’ affairs. 
My heart sank today and I find myself once again a cosmopolitan and progressive patriot. Ukraine is not a member of NATO and we cannot intervene. What is becoming clear: EU and NATO must support their allies and we will have to invest significantly more in our defense capabilities. The Putin regime cannot and must not be supported any further. The madness of war is staring us in the face.

How can we, as educational and technology experts remain silent?

One thought on “Europe’s Darkest Day
  1. Amen to that!

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