About Me

My CV/ Lebenslauf (Deutsche Version) Joana Stella Kompa CV Deutsch 2017

In a Nutshell: I am a design educator, educational consultant and social psychologist. I have currently returned from Asia to Germany in April 2017. Born in Germany in 1963, I have been working for the past 28 years in Singapore, China and Thailand in Media Design and Higher Education. My academic and organisational expertise encompasses Learner-Centered Pedagogy such as Problem-based Learning (PBL) extending to Curriculum Design, Academic Quality Control, Multi-level Assessment, Blended Learning, e-Tutoring, Student Counseling and Staff Professional Development.

Professional Background: I have been involved in setting up SE-Asia’s first fully digital audio studio and have been working in the Singapore media industry as a studio manager, music composer and post-production editor from 1989-1995. Since then, I have been passing on my expertise to my students by teaching Advertising Design, Consumer Psychology, Creativity and Problem Solving, Digital Image Processing, Story-boarding, Photography, Video and Audio (Post)Production, Documentary Filmmaking, GUI Design, Graphic Design as well as Motion Graphics/ Visual Effects (VFX). Assisting students in undergraduate programs (BA Design), I teach quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and academic writing skills. I advise students on their thesis and final design project focussing on sustainable design. My recent project entailed the conducting of ‘Bridging Studies’ for students of Raffles International College who embark on design programs of the University of Northumbria.

Academic Background: My areas of expertise in Applied Psychology encompass Social and Cultural Psychology, Cross-Cultural Issues in Lifespan Development, Psychology of Learning, Psychological Appraisal and Treatment as well as Data Analysis. My research focus is on human agency, lifelong learning and its underlying social motivation. My philosophical perspectives are grounded in Critical Theory, Theories of Political Justice, Philosophy of Mind and Epistemology.

Academic Career

2005-2017: Program Director for Digital Media Design & Visual Communication Design, Raffles International College Bangkok/ Thailand. I was in charge of Diploma and Undergraduate Degree (BA Design) programs. I worked as a thesis adviser and assisted final-year BA subjects. This included teaching academic writing skills, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and critical thinking skills. My psychological expertise involved student counselling.

2004-2005: Senior Lecturer in Visual CommunicationDong Hua University (DHU), Shanghai/ China

1994-2004: Lecturer for Interactive Media Design/ Course Coordinator, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. Additional roles encompassed psychological-pastoral care as a counsellor for students and as a member of the Academic Quality Control workgroup at Temasek Design School (TDS).

Special assignments:

2000-2004: Associate Consultant for PBL (Problem-Based Learning) to TDS. Duties encompassed student- and staff training in the PBL tutorial process and promoting student-centered learning.

2002: Consultant to the MOE (Ministry of Education) in Singapore for Curriculum Design. Development for the A and O-level music syllabus on a national level for 2006-2012.

Educational Profile

  • M.Sc. Applied Psychology, University of Liverpool, 2016
  • Accreditation as Teacher in Higher Education by SEDA (UK), 2000
  • Accreditation as Teacher in Higher Education by Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore), 2000
  • Taught and mentored by Prof. Dr Howard Barrows (McMaster University) in Problem-Based Learning (PBL), 2000
  • Staff Quality & Productivity Award, Temasek Polytechnic, 2000
  • ‘Philosophy of Mind’ and ‘Theory of Knowledge’, undergrad. studies,  Oxford University, 2011/ 2012
  • Professional Certification Effective Online Tutoring’, Oxford University, 2014
  • Introduction to Political Justice, Harvard University (EdX), 2015
  • Practical Philosophy & Normative Ethics, Tübingen University, DIFF, 1980/81

Research Interests: Social and Cross-cultural Psychology, Social Motivation, Online Education, Curriculum Design, Educational Policies and Academic Quality Control, Creative Processes, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Political Philosophy and Sociology

Hobbies: Composing piano music, published at https://soundcloud.com/joana-sk

Contact: joanakompa@gmail.com

Special thanks to Siriwan Paensuwan for translations into Thai language

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