The Advent of Online Education – Part 1

The two featured essays have been inspired by my participation in ‘Effective Online Tutoring’ with Oxford University. Part I explores broadly the current trends in online education and its pedagogical implications. Part 2 explains the stages and issues of creating online communities.

1. Flipped Classrooms and Blended Learning: The Pragmatist’ Approach to Empower Learners

2. Graduate, Postgraduate & Professional Online Courses: Tutor-based  Environments for Elites

3. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): Educating the World?

The Advent of Online Education – Part 2

1. An Introduction to Gilly Salmon’s 5-Stage Model

2. A Note on PBLonline: E-moderating versus e-tutoring

3. Typical Anxieties and Psychological Needs of Virtual Students

4. The Short and Beautiful Life of Virtual Learning Communities: A Global Outlook


Troubled Schools: Theory, Evidence-based Interventions and Assessment

An overview of available interventions for troubled schools

Disadvantages of Teacher-centered Learning

The article describes, in a nutshell, the major problems that instructor-centered learning faces in the process of globalization. This script has been featured on the Nanyang Technical University (NTU Singapore) website ‘momeNTUm’ on 25th of June 2012.

The Value Definition of Learning Outcomes

This script asks about the value definitions of learning outcomes. This question is critical before embarking on any curriculum design and it is essential to academic quality control. The question of mediated qualities is contrasted against teacher- versus learner-centered academic environments.

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